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drakedaily's Journal

Drake Bell ... daily!
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drake bell

Drake Bell Daily
Welcome! drakedaily is a brand new community focusing on the incredibly talented Drake Bell!

On Posting
PLEASE KEEP YOUR POSTS FRIENDS LOCKED. If they aren't locked, and a mod makes a comment, and it's not fixed within 24 hours, the post will be deleted!

We DO NOT ACCEPT the following kinds of posts:

- Fanfiction. None. At all. There are other communities for that.

- Random posts that relate to nothing about Drake.

- Newbie intros, memes ( unless they pertain to the man himself).

Please be kind to your fellow fans. This is a place for happy, not a place of rude. Also, respect Drake in the sense that you don't post to bash him, his work, or his photographs. It is all right for you not to like what he's wearing, but we all have bad fashion days, right? Keep post content and language appropriate. First offense will get a warning, second offense will result in banning.

Pictures larger than 500x500 MUST be put under a cut or the post will be deleted.



Host your images at photobucket.com, tinypic.com, or imageshack.com!
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